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Professional Wholesale
Sexy Fashion Clothing
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A professional and reliable online wholesale center providing a variety of hot selling sexy clothing at reasonable prices and shipping them globally.
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Easy to Buy Sexy Clothes on

The mission of Shiying Sexy Lingerie Co., Ltd is "easy to buy sexy clothes". To achieve this goal, we made the certain customer needs research and gained lots of customers’ useful suggestions. According to customers’ demands, we did a functional improvement of the system to bring more convenience to the customers. 1. Add Multi-Language Browsing. We just offered the most commonly used English browser interface before. But through the development of technology, Shiying Sexy Lingerie Co., Ltd now shows 20 languages so that most of the costumers can use their own native language to browse. It will enhance the level of costumers’ purchasing experience. Everyone can just choose their preferred language at the right top of any webpage to make language transformation. 2. Increase Multi-Currency Payment. In the past, we only accepted the commonly used U.S. dollars. But now we accept the international top ten used currencies, including the euro, British pound and so forth. Hence, most costumers can use their own national currencies to settle accounts. 3. Customers Can Choose Paypal to Pay Directly Online. If you want to submit an order, you can now select PayPal direct payment. As we have improved the ERP system of our company, the style of product inventory is displayed in real time, and freight calculation has also been very accurate. So if you choose direct payments, it will reduce the flow and speed up your order processing. There are now more than forty percent of the customers selecting PayPal payment to pay directly. It really can bring more convenience to you.


In the following days, we will be actively in the introduction of more credit card payments, some of which may be your countries’ credit card companies. I hope this will also make your payment become easy. We plan to open Super Deals as well. We will produce the hot sale styles in a high volume which can lower the costs. The productions will be shown in the lowest prices through limited time sales activities so that it can improve our customers’ profit margins. The starting point of all our actions is make it easy to buy sexy clothes. We are looking forward to more suggestions and let us grow together. Thanks for your continuous support and help.

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