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Peacock Print Red Boho Beach Blanket

Peacock Print Red Boho Beach Blanket

  • Item No. : LC42041-3
  • US$ 4.8
  • 30 days Sold : 26
  • Weight About: 0.19 KG
  • Material : 100%cotton
  • Size :
    one size
  • Color :
    as shown
  • Color :
  • I Select :
    "one size" "as shown"
  • Quantity :
    ( pcs. )
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Style Brief
Occasion Summer
Pattern Print
Package Contents 1 X Piece
Brand None
Category Removed Items
Upload Time 2016-05-16

The must have for each beach lover boho girl are the super trendy round beach blankets this summer. The soft round shape cotton blankets make the perfect beach blanket, you can hang it up at your wall for the real hippy boho chic, wrap yourself in it after a swim, use it as a table cloth etc. All prints are hand dyed so a minimal color fade is normal and part of it uniqueness. Enjoy it and have a great happy summer with your beach blanket of joy!
Diameter: about 150CM.


•Beautifully decorated and printed with Indian textile artwork

•It is suitable as table cloth and for picnic, yoga and beach time

•100% cotton made, soft to touch and comfortable to cover over your body

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By T***. May 29, 2016
I ordered this as a table cloth and it works really well as one. If you are ordering it as a beach or picnic blanket, I would not recommend, as it feels too thin for that. But as a tablecloth it is really beautiful. I think it would work well as a wall hanging also. The print is very similar to what is in the picture but it is a bit different. I thought it would have more definitions of different colors, with a lighter, then darker, then orange, then darker again as the circles get smaller. It is more like an all over deep color with a print over that. Which is fine, and beautiful. I like it very much, and my husband thinks the actual piece is even prettier in person. It looks beautiful on my table. I am going to attach a photo so you can see how pretty it actually is.
*I received a discount on this product in exchange for my honest review. I am not required to leave a 5 star review, but I did so because I really liked the product. I hope my opinion on this product was helpful to
-- This comment from the Dear-Lover distributors: *** seller of amazon
By l***q July 7, 2016
I love this ... you can't really see it in the photos but it has some pinks and teals in it (I love pinks and teals). This is so pretty (like it more than the other one I got that was dark blue but I like light colors).

It fits my table perfect and it just thick enough to be a lightweight tablecloth. The fabric - it's a lightweight cotton (like the basic 100% fabric sold in the fabric store for $6 a yard) for my purpose (a tablecloth on a kitchen table that I eat at daily) this is fine.

This would also work as a wall hanging in the right place.

This will be on my table a lot (more than my dark blue one which the hubby loves).
-- This comment from the Dear-Lover distributors: *** seller of amazon
By T***a June 3, 2016
I got this to hang on my wall but I actually like it just laid on top of my comforter. It is so soft and the colors are so bright! I have gotten so many compliments on it and have had so many people try to take it from me lol. I really do love everything about it. It's so beautiful! I received this product at a discounted rate in exchange for my honest review.
-- This comment from the Dear-Lover distributors: *** seller of amazon
By R***a June 3, 2016
This really is a beautiful cloth. The colors are even more vivid in person. The stitching is top notch, and the fabric is very luxurious. It has a beautiful sheen and feels soft against your skin.

Here's the thing though.. when I opened the box, I thought, "Oh how lovely. They sent me a matching scarf."

It was a bit of a surprise when I opened the plastic and realized it was the "towel" I ordered. This is not a cotton, terrycloth towel, if that's what you're expecting. I don't know that it would work for a beach mat, or picnic cloth, without backing, or something under it. I briefly considered quilting it, so I could use it as a picnic cloth, but changed my mind. I think I'll use this cloth more decoratively than I intended.

I could see this draped over a rectangular picnic table - with candles in hurricanes and silver chargers under aqua plates. You could create a very pretty gypsy caravan look for evening events.

While it's not what I thought I ordered, t
-- This comment from the Dear-Lover distributors: *** seller of amazon
By B***V June 10, 2016
This round beach throw is so adorable! I have wanted something like this for a while and fell in love with this print. It is a lot thinner than I expected. I can see through it when I raise it up. It also is not perfectly round but all the stitches are tight. I did find one snag on it. Makes me think that they will be easy to make in this fabric. The fabric is very soft and folds up very small. You can throw it in your bag and have it when you need it. The colors are vibrant. I love the peacock print on it.
It is a bit thin for a beach. If you are wet it will not absorb much of the water. It is good if you are just using it to sit on. I would not use it to sit on wet things because it will soak through fairly quickly. Overall I am happy I have it and think it is stunning. I have been enjoying it for the last week or so. The days are getting warmer so it will get lots of use.
I got this EVALESS Indian Mandala Roundie Beach Throw Tapestry Round Yoga Mat White at a discount for my t
-- This comment from the Dear-Lover distributors: *** seller of amazon
By V***0 May 26, 2016
This beach throw is beautiful. Very lightweight fabric is perfect for summer use. It ruffles out wonderfully and the pattern on it is really pretty. I kind of wish it was a skirt I could wear!
I know it says it would be an excellent beach throw but after taking this outside and lying on the yard with it I have to disagree, it is too thin for that in my opinion. I think it would work as a beach cover like if you wanted something light and breezy over your legs or shoulders but as far as sitting on it? Not thick enough in my opinion.
I do think this would make a lovely throw in the house. It has nice stitches and the edges are rolled and tight free from any loose threads.

Disclaimer: I received this product at a discount and / or free in exchange for my honest and unbiased opinion on the quality of this item.
All opinions belong to me and I am in no way affiliated with this product or its seller. Receiving the discount does not and has not affected my opinion of the produ
-- This comment from the Dear-Lover distributors: *** seller of amazon
By E***k May 28, 2016
This beach throw by Evaless is absolutely gorgeous. I had considered using it as a picnic blanket...just keeping it in the car...but it's just really too nice. I would hate to soil it. It's very soft, and the colors are very vibrant. The pattern is reminiscent of a peacock, with feathers radiating from the central point. It really could be used to great effect as a furniture throw/cover, or possibly even as a large women's shawl. The hems are all done nicely, and I can't find any imperfections in the fabric. Hopefully this throw will be with me for years to come.

I received this item at a discount in exchange for an honest and unbiased review. It's not a 'paid' review, and I didn't get the item free. I may have a bit of a bias because I got a discount on the item, but I'm under absolute no duress to provide a shining review. I try to tell it like it is because I use amazon reviews just as much as anyone else.

The only one thing I might have been disappointed by is that th
-- This comment from the Dear-Lover distributors: *** seller of amazon
By M***a June 1, 2016
Super cute print, really beautiful and just as pictured. Other reviewers are complaining that the material is super thin and they had intentions of bringing the TAPESTRY with them to the beach as a beach blanket. It isn't a beach blanket, it's a tapestry, these a meant to be used as decoration in your home, not for sitting on at the beach. The product description is not all accurate, but people should know what they're buying.
Looking at the picture of the girl sitting on it, that is how big it is in real life. It's a great size to hang up on your wall or to lay across your bed too. The colors are very pretty and super vibrant. The fabric doesn't smell, but I washed mine anyways. It's easy to wash in the washing machine, don't do anything special to it and hang to dry. I am taking off one star from my review because of the products description. The company is not all accurate when including details about the product and it is confusing for buyers.
I purchased this product at a hi
-- This comment from the Dear-Lover distributors: *** seller of amazon
By J***r June 28, 2016
I purchased this Evaless Indian Mandala Round Beach Throw in the white color and it is beautiful. Like some of the other reviewers have mentioned it is lightweight material (think bed sheets), but it is soft and folds up compact to make it easy to tote around with you. It is so beautiful usually I just fold it in half so that it is a half moon shape and put it over my shoulders as a shawl/wrap. This versatile throw has endless uses and I find ways to break it out because it is pretty! Would make a beautiful table cloth for a round table as well. The colors are vibrant and the material is soft. There is a finished hem all around the edge of the throw and it has held up nicely so far in the washing machine. I would recommend. I received this Evaless Indian Mandala Round Beach Throw at a discount in exchange for my honest and unbiased feedback on this product and its performance.
-- This comment from the Dear-Lover distributors: *** seller of amazon
By B***u May 28, 2016
Fortunately, I really love the soft feel of this fabric as well as the beauiful pattern. Otherwise, I would be very upset that this is so small and so thin, too much of both to be used as a beach blanket. The fabric is really lovely, but would never hold up to being set on the ground for cover. It's very thin. The picture shown is very misleading, as it's nowhere near that big.

This strikes me as a table cloth, which it would be lovely for. I envision using it as a furniture throw, which is what I've pictured. I actually used it to snuggle with while watching TV last night, and it was great for that in this warm spring weather.

I'm glad I own this, but just be aware of what you're buying...

**I received this item at a discount in exchange for my honest review. Rest assured, my opinions are genuine.
-- This comment from the Dear-Lover distributors: *** seller of amazon


Item Measurement

 Shiying Swimwear Size Chart

Please Note:

Actual fabric colors may vary slightly from online colors due to variations in screen color settings. Once you know your body measurements, consult the Size Chart on the product pages for actual item measurements to determine which size you should purchase. Please select the size that best matches your largest measurement (bust, waist or hip). If you're between sizes, it's usually best to order the larger size so you have room to move, or so alterations can easily be made. 

LC42041-1 :
Vivi   Andy   Shiran
Size Inches CM   Size Inches CM   Size Inches CM
Bust 35.4” 90   Bust 33.8" 86   Bust 34.6" 88
Waise 24.8” 63   Waist 23.6" 60   Waist 24" 61
Hips 41.3" 105   Hips 36.6" 93   Hips 35.8" 91
Height   175   Height   175   Height   176
Weight 62KG   Weight 53KG   Weight 58KG
Angelica   Carol   KA
Size Inches CM   Size Inches CM   Size Inches CM
Bust 42.5" 108   Bust 38.6" 96   Bust 43.4" 108
Waist 34.6" 88   Waist 30.1" 78   Waist 33" 82
Hips 49.2" 125   Hips 43.3" 110   Hips 47.4" 118
Height   168   Height   172   Height   170
Weight 83KG     Weight 78KG   Weight 90KG
Anna   Juliana   Anna.K
Size Inches CM   Size Inches CM   Size Inches CM
Bust 33.5" 85   Bust 34.3" 87   Bust 37.8" 96
Waist 23.6" 60   Waist 23.6" 60   Waist 26" 66
Hips 35" 89   Hips 35.8” 91   Hips 41.4" 105
Height   175   Height   172   Height   172
Weight 52KG     Weight 52KG     Weight 64KG  
Sasa   Aida   Vivian
Size Inches CM   Size Inches CM   Size Inches CM
Bust 34.6" 88   Bust 35.8" 91   Bust 34" 86
Waist 27.4" 62   Waist 26.3" 67   Waist 24" 61
Hips 37" 94   Hips 38.2" 97   Hips 36.2" 92
Height   177   Height   174   Height   174
Weight 58KG   Weight 66KG   Weight 53KG
Sandra   Anonymous   Anna.L
Size Inches CM   Size Inches CM   Size Inches CM
Bust 34.3" 87   Bust 34" 86   Bust 35.4" 90
Waist 24" 61   Waist 26" 66   Waist 23.6" 60
Hips 35.4" 90   Hips 35" 89   Hips 36.2" 92
Height 174 174   Height   174   Height   175
Weight 52KG             Weight 56KG
Zuzanna   Masha    Sveta
Size Inches CM   Size Inches CM   Size Inches CM
Bust 33.8" 86   Bust 33.1" 84   Bust 34" 86
Waist 23.6" 60   Waist 24" 61   Waist 24.4" 62
Hips 35.4" 90   Hips 34.6" 88   Hips 36.2" 92
Height   176   Height   175   Height   175
Weight 58KG   Weight 52KG   Weight 55KG

March New Model     Lena
Size Inches CM   Size Inches CM
Bust 40.5" 103   Bust 33.5" 85
Waist 33" 84   Waist 22.8" 58
Hips 42" 107   Hips 33.5" 85
Height   175   Height   172
Weight 72KG   Weight 51KG

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