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Home > Blog > Everyone should know The Dear-Lover Announces a Stylish Collection of Wholesale Swimwear

Everyone should know The Dear-Lover Announces a Stylish Collection of Wholesale Swimwear

Every perfect beach body requires luxe quality swimwear to flaunt it. Dear-Lover has an exquisite collection of wholesale swimwear that's sure to turn many-a-heads.

The China-based label is a leading manufacturer of wholesale women's clothing. It is a one-stop-shop for any and every kind of clothing item that must feature in a woman’s wardrobe. The company showcases its stylish clothing under 10 different categories from lingerie to wholesale swimwear to party outfits and accessories. Besides, given its inventory of 8000+ designs and pieces, shoppers are spoilt for choice.

The bottomline at Dear-lover has always been to make available fashionable clothing at a reasonable price. And it does just that. Dear-lover has long-standing relationships with over 9000 retailers and wholesalers across the globe. The willingness to deliver low volume orders is yet another advantage of working with the company.

The lineup of wholesale swimwear includes a wide range of items. There are wholesale bikinis for women confident about showing off their curves. Their classy one-piece swimsuits, rash guards and tankinis are comfortable and offer more coverage. One can also find stunning beach-cover ups on their shelves.

The company's services extend beyond its product line of wholesale swimwear. Dear-Lover also supplies for drop-shipping services. The company handles all orders on behalf of their retailer partners. It is a great solution for businesses that do not have the budget or facilities to manage manufacturing, delivery and stocking.

Businesses can also opt for the OEM services at Dear-lover, with a further choice between two private label options. The clothing label offers readymade designs that businesses can put their tag or label to. The units at Dear-lover do not have their own tags on them. The other is the custom-design option. With the custom-design option, designers can submit their own designs to be manufactured at Dear-Lover. Thus, one can create an exclusive line of wholesale swimwear at a cost that won’t pinch the company's pocket.

Dear-lover has a strict quality control system in place. All wholesale swimwear units are inspected for quality and consistency. Sweetening the deal further are a range of discounts offered depending on the total purchase order. There is a loyalty discount for repeat and bigger order amounts.

While the company does not have a minimum order quantity requirement, there is a minimum order amount of $99. Features such as track shipping, returns and cancellations within the stipulated time promise the highest level of customer satisfaction.

The company premises houses the office, workshop and warehouse in one central location. Dear-lover's annual production output clocks a record 3,000,000 pieces per year, with 20 new styles introduced every day. Their huge warehouse has a capacity to store 2,300,000 products at a time. Thus, they are able to ensure a constant supply of wholesale swimwear and other clothing to wholesale and retail partners as well as timely deliveries to end-customers.