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Home > Blog > Wholesale swimwear emerging as one of the fastest growing ecommerce market

Wholesale swimwear emerging as one of the fastest growing ecommerce market

Updating one's wardrobe for a vacation by the beach just got easier. The wholesale clothing industry, supported largely by South Asian countries, is turning out to be one of the fastest growing eCommerce markets. The rising trends are evidenced in the rapidly increasing numbers of wholesale swimwear suppliers and it shows promise for further growth. This comes as great news for businesses thinking of making their foray into the wholesale swimwear industry.

A growing awareness of physical fitness and health is the major factor driving sales for swimwear online. Swimming has amazing benefits promoting cardiovascular health, burning calories, building endurance and toning muscles. Thus, a great number of people are turning to swimming as an exercise routine in addition to it being a leisure activity.

Given this, swimwear brands are actively engaged in creating designs that not only look good but feel comfortable too. The wholesale swimwear industry has greatly matured showcasing an extensive variety in styles, designs and fabric options. The modern-day swimwear lineups have come to include classy, sensual beachwear as well as highly supportive activewear. They have added yet another segment in the form of plus size swimwear targeting women with heavier figures. Apart from that, wholesale deals help buyers secure quality clothing at a great bargain.

However, the high earning potential presented by the online swimwear industry has also led to many unreliable wholesale suppliers setting up shop. They offer poor quality items thus branding all wholesale swimwear as cheap, shabby and of low-value. It has therefore become imperative to choose a trusted supplier. Design and manufacturing processes in addition to customer reviews is a good way to judge the authenticity of the supplier. Suppliers must follow stringent manufacturing principles to ensure delivery of top quality products.

There is yet another visible trend in the swimwear industry, that of global dropshipping and OEM services. Leading distributors are assisting small and medium-sized wholesale and retail businesses establish themselves on a low budget by handling the back-end processes for them. To add, their OEM services enable brands to create custom clothing that meet their specifications in quality and design.

About the Company

Dear Lover has become a household name for wholesale swimwear. They specialise in women’s clothing with wholesale swimwear being one of them. Dear-Lover offers affordable fashions promising to provide buyers the best prices. Unlike many other online wholesale swimwear vendors, Dear Lover adopts strict quality control measures ensuring every unit meets the expected standards. Their product-line includes a variety of styles to choose from.

With an annual output of 3,000,000 units and an enormous warehouse, Dear Lover has the capacity to handle bulk orders and ensure timely deliveries. They offer wholesale, dropshipping and OEM services to customers. A series of discounts and loyalty rewards further transfer savings to buyers, making their prices even more competitive. Despite being a wholesale distributor, they do handle low volume orders. Finally, an easy to navigate website further enhances the shopping experience.