Unlimited Vouchers for Boutique Owners

Owners of brick-and-mortar boutiques can use the vouchers to deduct shipping and sample fees.

How to get the vouchers?

1. A participant who won vouchers worth $230 took the beautiful photos in the video. Her boutique is impressively organized. Follow the guidelines in the video and email your boutique's photos/videos to [email protected].

2. The following rules discuss how to be a long-term partner and how to earn unlimited vouchers. We recommend you read the rules carefully as well as watch the video for visual guidelines.


1. You can submit as many photos/videos as you like.

2. For each photo/video selected, you'll receive a $30 voucher.

3. You will receive a bonus if we choose three or more photos/videos from you.

4. As you receive vouchers from us, you can use it to deduct the cost from your next purchase and present the new products for more photos to win more vouchers!

5. We reserve the right to use your selected photo for advertisements after we send you the voucher via email.

6. No information will be released about the name and location of your boutique.

7. You will receive an email from us within 7 days if your photos or videos are selected.

8. We will give you advice on improving the style and display of your boutique.

9. Keep up with our Instagram @dearlover_official, Tiktok @dearloverwholesale and Linkedin Page (Quanzhou Shiying Clothes Co., Ltd (Dear-Lover)) for boutique display examples, boutique tips, and more!

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